Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Fantastic View of Tivoli

One of the things I really enjoyed while browsing through Robert's images was that, despite the fact that many of his paintings are of what appear to be definite tourist attractions, he shows people not only being touristy but also working; here, there's that worker hauling that part of the tree trunk by the water--I'm not sure whether it's meant to be driftwood he's pulling from the waves (my first instinct) or what, but it matches beautifully with the missing slats of the wooden bridge above that the tourists (I think) are using to cross over to that ruined temple. Plus, you have to love all of Robert's ruined temples--you can really tell that it's part of the same culture in which the gothic novel is developing. Walpole and Radcliffe, here we come!

Oddly, perhaps, I could care less about the nature aspects of the scene; I just realized that my eyes were kind of inadvertently sliding off it those elements. Worker, bridge, temple: that's what I look at.

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